Dental equipment

Dental Technology

At The Dentists in Lawrence, our team is always looking to implement new technological advances in the dental industry to benefit our patients. Some of the innovative machines and equipment that we use include:

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Planmeca E4D technology

CAD / CAM: computer-aided design and computer-aided milling equipment allows us to provide our patients with same-day restorations and crowns. After your tooth has been prepped, a digital scanner will capture your necessary data. Once your data has been collected, we can use this equipment to design your restoration or crown by using advanced, 3-D computer technology. 

A porcelain crown is then milled right here in our office, using materials similar to what dental labs use. We are proud to provide esthetic, strong restorations in office without requiring multiple visits. 
Dental equipment
Dexis Digital X-Rays

At The Dentists in Lawrence, we use digital x-rays to reduce the amount of radiation exposure to our patients. Our x-rays are instant, diagnostic and they allow us better options for reviewing the x-rays with you. Each patient will be evaluated to determine the frequency that digital x-rays are needed.
Dental equipment
Biolase WaterLase Lasers

WaterLase is another safe and gentle alternative to older, traditional dental tools. By using a laser and water spray, the WaterLase can be used to complete a number of dental treatments. At The Dentists in Lawrence, the laser is used for many different procedures including small fillings, periodontal gum surgery and frenectomies.
Isolite System

A soft mouthpiece is used to provide retraction of the patient’s cheeks, lips, and tongue, and it also protects your airway. The mouthpiece comes in 6 different sizes so each patient can be fitted easily and comfortably.
Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras provide real-time feedback to the patient and doctor about what is going on in the mouth. Detailed images are captured and saved in the patient’s chart. The doctor and hygienist are able to use this technology to allow the patient to be able to see what we see and give them a better understanding of their oral health. 
Digital, Flat-Screen Monitors and Headphones

Each of our patient rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV and headphones. Patients can watch their favorite show while getting their teeth cleaned or a restorative appointment with the dentist. 

The TVs allow us to also display the chart, x-rays, and intraoral photos to review with our patients which helps them to understand their oral health.

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