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Endodontic Therapy or Root Canal Therapy

When one of your tooth nerves gets inflamed or infected due to tooth decay, previous restoration procedures or trauma, root canal therapy becomes a necessary option for repairing the damage. 

If not treated, you may experience severe pain or even develop and abscess. Symptoms that may develop include sensitivity to hot and cold food or liquid, swelling or difficulty biting or applying pressure to the affected tooth. Sometimes the tooth may be asymptomatic, leaving you completely unaware of the issue until an x-ray identifies a concern. 

How a Root Canal is Done

After it has been determined that a tooth is in need of endodontic treatment, the area is numbed and the bacteria and the affected soft tissues are removed. 

Once the area in question has been thoroughly cleaned and shaped, a medicated filling is situated where your soft tissue was previously located. Due to the risk of possible fractures, most teeth with root canals also need to be restored with a build-up and a crown for their safety and longevity.
Dental care

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